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Hotgear proudly presents ultimate boosting services for World of Warcraft

The main reason to use WoW Shadowlands boosting

Each new expansion for WoW is known to reveal the old game as a completely new one. The 8th expansion called Shadowlands successfully shares the same purpose astonishing even battle-hardened veterans as well as the other almost 5 million motley community of World of Warcraft gamers. This addition is a perfect remedy applied by Blizzard to turn the tide of the downward trend established among players.

Shadowlands offers a plethora of brand new content, such as abilities, craftable legendary gear, covenant system and other great stuff to refresh our beloved game. Both experienced and newcomer players could be easily stunned sorting out such a vast specter of novelties and mechanics, and that’s where professional boosters enter the stage. Our boosting team consisting of extremely skillful players that mastered each pre-Shadowlands addition inside and out will lift your character directly to the high-level game content in the shortest time possible.

Get to know the new features of Shadowlands

Well, the first and foremost is the new world with 5 specific unique locations never seen before. The leveling system has drastically changed, with a 60 level cap it provides up to 70% faster rates to level from 1 to 50 than the former 120 level system. However, in Shadowlands, the experience required to reach from 50lvl to 60lvl cap is being greatly increased. There is also good news for all players that hit the 120 level cap in Battle for Azeroth as they will be squished down straight to 50lvl in Shadowlands.

A ton of absolutely new content awaits you in Shadowlands starting with the mysterious covenants lore to structuring your items and pushing your playstyle to maximum efficiency. But five perfectly designed new locations require special mentioning:

Bastion – paradise meadows, majestic spires, sacred angel monuments and white clouds in the perfect blue skies. A home of Kyrlans, angelic soul guides who serve the highest purpose overseeing souls preparing them for ascension.

Revendreth – a gloomy place with gothic castles and mystical vampiric vibe, the domain of Venthyrs. Find yourself in the middle of the blustering rebellion torched by the anima drought and make your path revealing obscure secrets.

Ardenweald – a mysterious forest that exists in neverending autumn and winter seasons. Giant eternal dream trees grow here to keep the anima flow for the reincarnation circle going on. You will be aided by Night Faes on your quest to restore it.

Maldraxxus – prove your strength through this land of neverending battle. Face throngs of reanimated warriors and vile necromantic magic on your way through.

The Maw – place where your Shadowland journey begins. Only the darkest souls deserved to be prisoned here. You will get several first early-game quests here, but keep in mind that the best is yet to come in the late-game. The prodigious Tower of the Damned called Torghast is in the center of the Maw. Only the ones capable of great power and skills will be able to ascend it.

The essence of Shadowland content is concentrated in the late-game. Upon reaching the 60lvl and finishing the campaign you will be granted access to covenant and provided with the following features:

  • 2 new skills, special design and lore mission related to the covenant of your choosing;
  • A soulbind for new buffs;
  • You would miss an Adventures that are intended to test your tactician skills. Arrange characters to achieve maximum efficiency in this minigame and get crafting materials and mounts if you happen to be victorious!
  • An interesting layer of content based on the gathering of anima;
  • The travel network, unique for each of the covenants.

Choose the right time to start powerlevel in Shadowlands

According to all aforementioned, it is obvious that the sooner you start it the better, as the pinnacle of the Shadowlands content starts to reveal only after you’ve reached 60th level and entered the covenant. If you want your game process to be smooth and enjoyable Hotgear is the right place to address.

The people from our team are true fans of WoW that will eagerly develop your character. We will provide you a perfect shortcut straight to the most enjoyable part of the game!

The services that we provide in Shadowlands

Shadowlands has tons of activities to offer you. Fill your inventory with legendary gear, change their stats for ultimate efficiency, challenge the ascension up the Torghast tower proving your worth through the maelstrom on a fierce battle with mighty bosses and get essential materials for Runecarver’s crafting as a reward for your fortitude. Dominate PvE, PvP and whatever else – we can provide you that!

Let us put in a nutshell what services Hotgear can grant you:

  • Levelling your character right to the 60lvl;
  • Upgrading your gear greatly improving your ilvl (170ilvl-180ilvl);
  • Assisting stygia farming that can further be used for various buffs;
  • Ascending the Torghast tower including the challenge of passing through Twisting Corridors;
  • Clear out the Maw zones made for high levels;
  • Looting all and any of pets and mounts;
  • Getting the Castle Nathria gear;
  • Preordering Castle Nathria raid and all events afterward;
  • Raiding forthcoming world bosses;
  • Assisting the covenant campaign;
  • Upgrading the renown level of the chosen covenant to the cap;
  • Obtaining all achievements;
  • Grinding the location of your choosing;
  • Crafting the legendary gear and upgrading any of its stats.

Now imagine how fun and stress-free your Shadowlands gameplay will be with all the services we provide. While all other players will start from the very beginning looking for possibilities of upgrading you will be already on the top, leveled and geared to the utmost. Your advantage will remain even in a long-term period as our team will squeeze every drop from Shadowlands features to ensure your dominance.

A couple of useful tips from the Hotgear services

Besides all the aforementioned novelties Shadowlands gives a player unmatched freedom of customization – any mount you want is available for farming, any armor that attracts you is there for a crafting, new items list is so vast that it will take a fair amount of time to get to know them all and pick up ones that suit you the most. All this provides you countless options for your setup, and whether a newcomer player or a veteran may end up trying and combining things that don’t work out and waste precious time all tangled up. Daily and weekly content will also play its role in distracting players from getting into the depths of novations.

So take a few useful tips to make your navigation through the Shadowlands easier:

  • Use any method that you find in handy to levelup, or take our assistance;
  • Do not put aside early missions as they will open you more gainful ones;
  • Take a time to explore the Maw and Torghast as there are many useful missions to take;
  • Visit heroic and mythic dungeons to gear up;
  • Fight in both PvP and PvE arenas as they give lots of useful materials;
  • The earlier you start grinding Mythic + and Raids the better;
  • Do not neglect daily and weekly quests as the stygia rewarded for their completion can be used to get various buffs;
  • Determine the covenant you like and proceed to its campaign;
  • Try to collect as many mounts and pets as possible;
  • There is no need to stick to one class as not much depends on it in Shadowlands. Also, it provides no impact upon the covenant you’ve chosen.
  • The effect of heirloom items was reworked in Shadowlands. From now on they grant your character various power-up bonuses instead of just boosting the experience you receive.

Leave all grinding, looting and leveling routines to our team of professionals and experience the ultimate fun with perfectly equipped and balanced character!