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World of Warcraft Boosting Services

Wow Shadowlands boosting

World of Warcraft is ever evolving system and each expansion is nearly a new game. That what the Shadowlands were to become and what they are. The new expansion is certainly a great way of impressing any veteran gamer and each of 4.88 million players around the world can try this addition and exclaim: “That is totally awesome!” That breakthrough was necessary as a downward trend among players was obvious. The Blizzard’s product in 2020 is undoubtedly a successful one!

The Shadowlands addition offers a great deal of new content, new possibilities, craftable legendary items, and the covenant system etc –  that rejuvenates the game we all love. The diversity like this may overwhelm both novice gamers and veteran ones, as mechanics has really changed and only those, whose work involves being a professional booster, can adapt to such an unfamiliar atmosphere of Shadowlands. All members of our boosting team have great experience and have played in every addition before Shadowlands, so they are used to adjust and we can guarantee that our work will push your character to the highlevel game-content! 

What are the new features in Shadowlands?

First of all, it is a totally new world with amazing 5 locations you have not ever seen! The leveling paradigm is changed, and it goes much faster than it was with 120 level system. That means that you get a better immerse into the game – you want to play more to reach 60lvl faster. The great news is that players with level cup of 120lvl in Azeroth will be immediately squished down to the 50lvl in shadowlands.

Shadowlands provide a great deal of utterly new content, from intriguing lore of covenants to optimizing items up to your playstyle. The locations are something worthy of praise, as all of them are both unique and unite the gamer with the magic of surroundings. There are five of them:

Bastion – a true heaven with paradise gardens, pristine spires and crystal skies. Angelic soul guides, Kyrians, dwell here and supervise souls preparing them for the highest honor – to ascend.

Revendreth – is a shadow place inhabited by Venthyrs. It is an essence of gothic architecture and the nobility of vampires. You are in the center of rebellion caused by anima drought, and everything has a mist of inscrutability.

Ardenwald – an ethereal forest which is closely connected to the wild. Dream trees are eternal here, maintaining the anima flow enabling the reincarnation circle. Night Faes would support you to restore that flow.

Maldraxxus – the war-torn location, where your own might is the only way of staying alive. Legions of dead warriors and necromantic magic await you here.

The Maw – is a start of your journey in Shadowlands. Only the most wicked souls are cast into that prison. Here you will be given several mission in early-game, and the most interesting content is concentrated in the late-game. Torghast, Tower of the Damned, located in the middle of the Maw, is an absolute feature of the Shadowlands. Only the greatest are able to ascend that tower.

Beyond all being said, you can experience less than a half of Shadowland’s content until 60lvl, as you don’t have an access to covenants which means:

  • You would miss a special design and 2 new skills depending on the chosen covenant, including their lore missions
  • You would miss a soulbind, which allows to gain some new buffs
  • You would miss an adventures, which are the challenge to tactical skills. It is a minigame where your purpose is to arrange characters in the most efficient way. The victory grants rare crafting materials, or mounts which thrive in Shadowlands
  • You would miss game content connected with anima gathering
  • You would miss specific for all covenants travel network

When is the best time to powerlevel shadowlands?

After all mentioned above, there are no doubts that the early the better. The most interesting content is that you get after pledging to a covenant. The hotgear service would definitely provide you a smooth and pleasurable game process.

Shadowlands is a brilliant addition to a game we all love, and our team is eager to help you on the path of developing your character. The more boosted your character is, the funnier is the game!

What carry services can I order in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands offer the diversity of activities! You can fill your inventory with legendary and mythic items, you can optimize their stats up to your preferences; you can ascend the Torghast tower undergoing through the severe fighting with mighty bosses which drop precious materials for Runecarver’s crafting. You can dominate both PvP and PvE and many more else.

The Hotgear service simplifies all that tasks by following options:

  • Boosting your character straightforward to 60lvl
  • Upgrade your gear to make an average ilvl significantly higher (170ilvl-180ilvl)
  • Assist the stygia farming which is usable for various buffs
  • Torghast tower ascension including Twisting Corridors challenge
  • Clearing high-level Maw zones
  • Farming all possible kinds of dungeons
  • Looting awesome pets and rare mounts
  • Castle Nathria gear obtaining
  • Castle Nathria raid preorder and all following after raids
  • World bosses coming to the game in the nearest future
  • Covenant campaign assistance
  • Upgrading the covenant renown system to the cup level with a guarantee of following bonuses from it
  • Completion of all existing achievements
  • Grinding any location up to your demands

Unique legendary crafting which means upgrading any preferable stats and their combinations

All above-mentioned would certainly make a game much easier and stress-free. While every other gamer will be looking for the ways of upgrading, you would already have all advantages of boosting during the first weeks of Shadowlands. And the same would work even after a long period of time, as a professional setting by our team always makes Shadowlands a friendlier environment!

Some advices from the Hotgear service

Shadowlands offer any player an immense freedom of customization – you can farm any mount, build any armor which looks alluring to you, the variety of new items is really impressive. All that freedom is game-designer’s bless and malediction at the same time, as both novice and professional gamer might suffer trying to combine something that would be totally ruined and unplayable as a result. Besides, a lot daily and weekly content is added which might emphasize gamers’ distraction from the storyline or original intentions.

So, here are some tips that would help you orientate in Shadowlands addition

  • Level up with the help of any method you know or with our assistance
  • Do not neglect early missions as they lead to more lucrative ones
  • Discover the Maw and Torghast, Tower of the Damned, as they either full of simple but important missions
  • Obtain gear from heroic and mythic dungeons
  • Try your best in PvP and PvE arena, as they provide a lot of useful materials
  • Start grinding mythic + and Raids as early as possible
  • Do weekly and daily mission as they provide stygia, material useful for various buffs
  • Choose the covenant you like the most and do as much campaign as possible
  • Collect all mounts and pets
  • Remember, that you needn’t prefer one class to another, as in Shadowlands it doesn’t affect your game seriously. Neither it influences what covenant you will choose
  • Notice that heirloom items have undergone changes in Shadowlands addition. Now they grant some power-up bonuses for your character instead of increasing experience percentage during the leveling process

Just have fun and feel the game as an escape from the everyday “grinding routine”, leaving all tedious and monotonous things to weigh on our minds!